A key to piercings:
To understand our price guide, please take a minute to understand our abbreviations.

SSS- Surgical Stainless Steel 

CBR - Captive Bead Ring

BB- Barbell

CBB- Circular Barbell

CB- Curved Bar

The surgical stainless steel used in your piercings is that of the same grade in which surgeons use for implants.

We also have titanium and 14k gold options as well. 

Piercing Aftercare

Oral Piercings:

1. An oral antiseptic rinse such as Listerine, should be used several times per day as well as anytime you eat, drink, or smoke anything.

2. Gargling with sea salt and warm water should be done once daily.

Other Piercings:

1. Clean 2 times daily with Dr.Bronner's Castile Soap. First, wash your hands with soap, then make a mild lather with the Dr.Bronner's and your distilled water. Apply lather to both sides of the piercing and gently rotate the bead or beads from the top to the bottom or front to back. Rinse thoroughly with distilled water from a spray bottle to remove all soap. 

2. Sea salt soak once a day.

** Sea Salt Soak Recipe**

Mix 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt with 8 ounces of warm DISTILLED water and either soak your piercing or make a compress with a Q-tip/paper towel, or gargle for oral piercings. Apply for 15 minutes once a day for 8 weeks. Always flush your piercing with clean distilled water. 

You must be 18+ with a valid ID or accompanied by YOUR parent or legal guardian with a valid ID. NYS requires proper identification in proving parent relation to minor. Acceptable form of identification for a minor is a birth certificate or passport, NO EXCEPTIONS

We will pierce children's earlobes. The child must be five years of age or older. Legal parent or guardian must be in attendance with birth certificate for the child.


* 16 years & over only

** 18 years & over only

Piercings are done on a walk in basis every day from 12pm-7:30pm.

Prices include basic jewelry and piercing.


  • Lobes                            

    •  ​$60 for one

    •  $120 for both

  • Rim Helix           $60

  • Tragus                 $60

  • Rook/ SSS CB/CBR           $50

  • Daith/ SSS CBR           $50

  • Industrial                      $80

  • Conch              $60

  • Cartilage                      $60

  • Stretching                    $5 per stretch

     (w/ your own Jewelry)

-Add $5 for CBB for all of the above-


  • BB                    $50

  • Pair BB             $90

Dermal Anchors:**

  • SSS Dermal Anchor  $60

  • SSS Dermal Anchor  $70

               w/ Gem

Navel: *

Navel piercings start at $65 and go up from there depending on if you would like to have different jewelry put in. 


  • BB              $60

- We do NOT do the "snake eyes"/tip of the tongue piercing -


  • Stud w/ flat back      $60 & Up      


  • Titanium CBB        $60 

Labret/ Monroe:

  • Steel w/ Gem          $55

  • Titanium                 $60 & Up


  • CBR                       $50

  • Steel w/ Gem         $55

  • Titanium                $60 & Up


  • Prince Albert CBR $80

  • Frenum/ BB            $60

  • Apadravya/ BB       $100

  • Ampallang/ BB       $100

  • Dydoe/ BB              $100

  • Hafada/ BB             $60

  • Foreskin/ BB          $60

  • Guiche/ CBB          $75

  • Inner/ Outer Labia  $60

  • Clitoral Hood         $60

Meet Your Piercer:

Bryan Mearon:

I started piercing in 2014. During my apprenticeship I had worked under a number of Master Piercers, in which I learned many different styles of piercing until I found a style that I felt produced the best outcome. Now, since joining the Needlewurks family, I continue to learn healthier and safer techniques, along with using the best jewelry to ensure easy, healthy healing. I have worked extremely hard over the years to be where I am today and have a great love and passion for my work. Before I began my piercing career, I worked in home health care for a number of years and like to think I am extremely friendly and will always do my best to make your somewhat nervous experience into a great one, I may even get a couple laughs out of you! Hope to see you all very soon! 

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